MVHuman: Tailoring 2D Diffusion with Multi-view Sampling For Realistic 3D Human Generation


Recent months have witnessed rapid progress in 3D generation based on diffusion models. Most advances require fine-tuning existing 2D Stable Diffsuions into multi-view settings or tedious distilling operations and hence fall short of 3D human generation due to the lack of diverse 3D human datasets. We present an alternative scheme named MVHuman to generate human radiance fields from text guidance, with consistent multi-view images directly sampled from pre-trained Stable Diffsuions without any fine-tuning or distilling. Our core is a multi-view sampling strategy to tailor the denoising processes of the pre-trained network for generating consistent multi-view images. It encompasses view-consistent conditioning, replacing the original noises with ``consistency-guided noises’’, optimizing latent codes, as well as utilizing cross-view attention layers. With the multi-view images through the sampling process, we adopt geometry refinement and 3D radiance field generation followed by a subsequent neural blending scheme for free-view rendering. Extensive experiments demonstrate the efficacy of our method, as well as its superiority to state-of-the-art 3D human generation methods.

arXiv 2023
Haimin Luo
Haimin Luo
PhD Candidate

My research interests include Neural Modeling and Rendering, 3D Reconstruction, Motion Capture and Animation.