HumanGen: Generating Human Radiance Fields with Explicit Priors


Recent years have witnessed the tremendous progress of 3D GANs for generating view-consistent radiance fields with photo-realism. Yet, high-quality generation of human radiance fields remains challenging, partially due to the limited human-related priors adopted in existing methods. We present HumanGen, a novel 3D human generation scheme with detailed geometry and 360◦ realistic free-view rendering. It explicitly marries the 3D human generation with various priors from the 2D generator and 3D reconstructor of humans through the design of “anchor image”. We introduce a hybrid feature representation using the anchor image to bridge the latent space of HumanGen with the existing 2D generator. We then adopt a pronged design to disentangle the generation of geometry and appearance. With the aid of the anchor image, we adapt a 3D reconstructor for fine-grained details synthesis and propose a two-stage blending scheme to boost appearance generation. Extensive experiments demonstrate our effectiveness for state-of-the-art 3D human generation regarding geometry details, texture quality, and free-view performance. Notably, HumanGen can also incorporate various off-the-shelf 2D latent editing methods, seamlessly lifting them into 3D.

2023 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Haimin Luo
Haimin Luo
PhD Candidate

My research interests include Neural Modeling and Rendering, 3D Reconstruction, Motion Capture and Animation.